I'm an independent video game, application, and website developer from the United States. All aspects of software development are interesting to me. My favorite software is the Android Open Source Project. It has so much potential for powerful apps to made for it, and I want to use that potential.

I enjoy collecting media and tools. I like a wide range of media. Cartoons and goofy movies are great. I really like shooter and platformer games and playing co-op.

I live in rural Minnesota and was born in 1996.


I consider my software as artwork. I feel like the way software is built could be improved a lot, and there are many things I'd like to do. Things I focus on are compatibility, privacy, security, accessibility, and software that is light-weight, but I also realize appearance and ease of use are important. Starting in September 2019 I've been focusing more on helping users have healthy screen time too.