Fur Cutter

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Play the sound of an electric hair clipper/shaver/razor and hold down the "Cut Hair" button to simulate the sound of hair being cut. The full version has a setting to vibrate the device and more.

Lite Version Features

  • Electric hair clipper sound and cut hair sound
  • Settings of audio volume and screen orientation locking

Extra Paid Version Features

  • Vibration setting on supported devices
  • 5 theme choices: Auto, Dark, Light, Blackout, and Light Amber
  • Export audio files setting (Android 4.4+)


  • itch.io Humble Bundle Google Play Amazon
  • itch.io Google Play Amazon Download for Android

Details & Requirements

    • Download Size: 254 KB
    • Control Vibration: Only in full version. This is disabled by default. You can enable it in the app's settings.
    • Release:
    • Version: 1.1 ()