Mute that Thing!

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The app lets you toggle mute for all audio streams with a home screen widget. It has an optional timer that will automatically un-mute later. You can customize how much to set the volume to when un-muting. The full version gives you more customization.

Lite Version Features

  • Home Screen Widget to Toggle Mute
  • Optional Timer to Automatically Un-mute
  • Option to Disable Vibrate when Muted
  • Customize How Much to Set the Volume to When Un-muted
  • Choose Which Audio Streams to Mute

Extra Full Version Features

  • 5 App Theme Choices: Auto, Dark, Light, Blackout, and Light Amber
  • Widget Color Customization
  • Home Screen Widget to Mute Individual Streams


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Details & Requirements

    • Download Size: 187 KB
    • Permissions
      • App requires permission to disable/enable "Do Not Disturb" mode (Android 6+ only.)
      • Un-mute Timer feature requires permission to run in the background at any time (Android 6+ only.)
      • Un-mute Timer feature requires permission to run on start up (in case the device is restarted while the timer is set.)
    • Release:
    • Version: 1.2 ()